Latest Pass4sure & Braindump2go HP HP2-N42 Exam Questions and Dumps

Latest Pass4sure & Braindump2go HP HP2-N42 Exam Questions and Dumps

Exam Code: HP2-N42

Total Questions: 55 Q&As

Vendor Name: HP

Exam Name: Selling HP TippingPoint Operational Security Solutions Exam


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What does HP EnterpriseView do?

A.    Mines data from across the entire enterprise, including HP Server Automation. HP Network Automation,
and HP Operations Orchestration.
B.    Lets customers track their compliance state across their virtualized environments and helps manage their software compliance regulations.
C.    Provides asset profiling, risk management, and compliance reporting.
D.    Collects, analyzes, and correlates your servers’ data to give you better visibility into your risk.

Answer: B

Who are the primary competitors for HP TippingPoint IPS? (Select two.)

A.    SourceFire
B.    Cisco
C.    McAfee
D.    Juniper
E.    IBM

Answer: AC
Explanation: 2, figure1)

Where will HP TippingPoint IPS add value?

A.    Delivering information for GRC solution
B.    Security solutions that address security threats at the perimeter and core of your business
C.    Application security compliance
D.    Aggregating security events from multiple sources

Answer: B

What is HP ESP’s approach to reducing security risk?

A.    Collecting, consolidating, and correlating
B.    Seeing everything in Security and IT Ops. providing context, reporting, and acting proactively
C.    Providing context and documenting everything
D.    Analyzing everything in Security and IT Ops

Answer: A

What is HP TippingPoint?

A.    A solution that delivers automated network security against advanced and unknown cyber threats
B.    A solution that specifies the root cause of software vulnerabilities so that you can effectively understand
and manage your risk
C.    Solution that can procure, fix, and deploy secure applications that are already hardened against attacks
D.    A solution built for in-line performance with forwarding tables (unlike a router/switch/firewall)

Answer: A

Which key security challenges are impacting network security today?

A.    Consumerization, compliance, convergence, consolidation
B.    Compliance, convergence, consumerization, customization
C.    Collaboration, customization, consumerization, convergence
D.    Collaboration, compliance, consumerization,convergence

Answer: A

What is the definition of an intrusion prevention system (IPS)? (Select two.)

A.    “Deny everything except that what is explicitly allowed” policy enforcement
B.    Provides access control between two networks of varying trust levels
C.    Monitor traffic for malicious activity
D.    “Block attacks and lets everything else through” security enforcement
E.    Monitors traffic and attempts to block malicious activity

Answer: CE

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