IBM SPSS Data Analysis for Business Partners v2

IBM SPSS Data Analysis for Business Partners v2

Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2020-012
Exam Name: IBM SPSS Data Analysis for Business Partners v2

A prison system has historical data on prison inmates and wants to find what factors are related to recidivism (return to prison). What type of model would be used?

A.    Segmentation model
B.    Classification model
C.    Association model
D.    Anomaly model

Answer: B

If a field whose measurement is defined as Continuous has no value recorded, IBM SPSS Modeler will treat it as which type of missing value?

A.    Null
B.    White Space
C.    Empty String
D.    Blank

Answer: A

The Matrix node is used to examine the relationship between two categorical fields.

A.    True
B.    False

Answer: A

How many phases are in the CRISP-DM Process Methodology?

A.    Four
B.    Five
C.    Six
D.    Seven

Answer: C

Which node can be used to impute (estimate) missing values?

A.    Data Audit node
B.    Balance node
C.    Filler node
D.    Reclassify node

Answer: A

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