Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass HP HP2-K38 PDF

Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass HP HP2-K38 PDF

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP2-K38
Exam Name: Selling HP Enterprise Storage Solutions and Services

Which customer scenarios can the HP Storage Data Migration Service support? (Select two.)

A.    The customer wants to enable mirroring capabilities.
B.    The customer wants to consolidate their environment,
C.    The customer wants to implement a tiered storage strategy.
D.    The customer wants to redistribute data within the array.
E.    The customer wants to move magazines within the array.

Answer: BC

A customer asks for an explanation of how HP 3PAR StoreServ Thin Reclamation technology can help them manage their growing storage space consumption.
Which two features should you describe? (Select two.)

A.    Management follows the same flow and process as thick reclamation, and it is possible to toggle back and forth with one click.
B.    When zeros are removed, they are not included with snapshots or copies.
C.    When a snapshot, full copy, or LUN is deleted, the space is immediately available without requiring a physical capacity format.
D.    Reserving unused capacity is not necessary because it is returned to a common pool.

Answer: CD

Your customer is struggling to manage its IT budget and has strict capital expenditure limits while, at the same time, is having difficulty keeping up with demands from the business What is the likely reason for the customer’s issues?

A.    The customer has too much data on disk. They need to install high performance tape libraries
to archive data off the disks.
B.    The customer’s storage is based on architectures developed twenty years ago. It is inadequate
for today’s requirements, and is causing overall costs to rise.
C.    The customer is buying storage on drives that do not have adequate capacity to be economic,
they need to buy much larger drives.
D.    The customer is using too much storage. They need to impose much stricter rules on personal
storage management

Answer: A

Your customer is new to virtualization. What should you do to ensure they develop a suitable storage model for future deployments?

A.    Refer them to a server specialist to see if they have enough application capacity
B.    Make an appointment to visit them after they have implemented server virtualization
C.    Provide a quote to expand their disk capacity to meet future demands
D.    Review their SAN storage infrastructure with a view to modernization

Answer: D

All HP 3PAR StoreServ products support the same operating system. How do customers configure the array to their unique requirements?

A.    The HP 3PAR StoreServ array controllers contain registers to adapt their behavior to meet the specific needs of customer applications.
B.    All arrays are the same. There is no need to adapt the functionality to individual customer applications.
C.    HP 3PAR Application Suites are available to tailor HP 3PAR StoreServ storage for the most efficient deployment and use of applications.
D.    The single pane of glass console allows customers to set the parameters of the Autonomic controller to optimize the functions of the array to meet the needs of their applications.

Answer: C

Which HP Storage software allows SQL hosts to remain online serving their business applications even when they switch from their original site to a disaster-recovery (DR) site?

A.    HP 3PAR Peer Persistence software
B.    HP 3PAR Peer Motion software
C.    HP 3PAR Dynamic Optimization software
D.    HP 3PAR Recovery Manager software for MS SQL Server

Answer: A

A customer is looking for an effective way to connect their heterogeneous servers and storage.
Which HP storage offering would you discuss?

A.    HPStoreEasy
B.    HP StoreFabric
C.    HP StoreOnce
D.    HPStoreAII

Answer: A

Which feature of HP StoreOnce helps close the gap between storage demands and budgets by reducing hardware,LAN,and WAN costs’?

A.    Federated Deduplication
B.    Peer Motion
C.    VMware Optimization
D.    Thin Reclamation

Answer: A

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