Free Download Symantec ST0-173 VCE Test Engine Full Version Now (51-60)

Free Download Symantec ST0-173 VCE Test Engine Full Version Now (51-60)

Which Symantec NetBackup 7.5 feature may override the retention level of an image?

A.    NetBackup Accelerator
B.    NetBackup Cloud
C.    NetBackup Search
D.    Replication Director

Answer: C

Which section in the Symantec NetBackup 7.5 administration console provides visibility into the backup image database?

A.    Media
B.    Catalog
C.    Activity Monitor
D.    Host Properties

Answer: D

If all the backup images on a FULL tape are expired using the Catalog tool in the Administration Console, when will the tape become AVAILABLE?

A.    immediately
B.    when the next image cleanup job runs
C.    at midnight when Symantec NetBackup does housekeeping
D.    when the status is manually changed to AVAILABLE

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. An administrator needs to create two additional copies of a backup image stored on a tape but the Setup Duplication Variables window will only allow one additional copy to be configured. What is a likely cause?


A.    The Maximum Backup Copies in the Master Server Host Properties is set to 2.
B.    The Media multiplexing in the schedule is set to 2.
C.    The Maximum Concurrent Jobs property in the Storage Unit is set to 2.
D.    The Limit Jobs per Policy property in the Backup policy is set to 2.

Answer: A

Which two are used to change the status of a disk pool? (Select two.)

A.    nbdevquery
B.    Device Monitor
C.    Devices > Disk Pools
D.    Nbdevstatus
E.    nbdevconfig

Answer: BE

The Symantec NetBackup administrator is concerned that the media server deduplication pool is using more space than estimated. In which two places can the administrator find the amount of space used in the media server deduplication pool? (Select two.)

A.    Reports > Disk Storage Status
B.    Device Monitor > Disk Pools
C.    Reports > Disk Logs
D.    Devices > Disk Pools
E.    Reports > Disk Pool Status

Answer: DE

In the Symantec NetBackup Administration Console or Java console, how should a Symantec NetBackup administrator down a disk pool for maintenance?

A.    Devices > Disk pool > Right-click and down the affected disk pool
B.    Device monitor > Disk pool > Right-click and down the affected disk pool
C.    Credentials > Storage server > Right-click and down the affected disk pool
D.    Media and device > Disk storage > Right-click and down the affected disk pool

Answer: B

What is an advantage of using the Device Configuration Wizard to configure robots and tape devices?

A.    The wizard is the only method that allows for configuration of shared drives.
B.    The wizard indicates whether the latest device drivers have been installed before attempting configuration.
C.    The wizard simplifies whether drives will be placed in a media manager or NDMP storage unit.
D.    The wizard eliminates the possibility that a drive will be mapped to the wrong physical location in a robot.

Answer: D

Which command can be used to determine the AdvancedDisk disk volume state?

A.    vmpool
B.    nbdevquery
C.    nbdevconfig
D.    vmoprcmd

Answer: B

An administrator configures two stand-alone LTO4 tape drives on a Symantec NetBackup 7.5 media server with an existing tape library with an LTO4 drive. How should the administrator configure the storage units?

A.    place each stand-alone drive in its own storage unit
B.    place the two stand-alone drives in a single new storage unit
C.    place the two stand-alone drives in an existing storage unit with the other LTO4 drives
D.    place the two stand-alone drives in a new storage unit group

Answer: B

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