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    A process owner has been identified with an “I” in a RACI matrix. Which one of the following would be expected of them?

    A.    Be accountable for the outcome of an activity
    B.    Perform an activity
    C.    Be kept up-to-date on the progress of an activity
    D.    Manage an activity


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    QUESTION 435
    What does the continual service improvement (CSI) approach enable a business to achieve?

    A.    It keeps the communication going within the business
    B.    It helps the business in making decisions on improvement initiatives
    C.    It helps the stakeholders understand their customers
    D.    It dictates the way the business interacts with external suppliers


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    See the specification of a discount campaign below:

    How many equivalence classes can be distinguished from the above specification?

    A.    3
    B.    4
    C.    5

    Answer: B

    See the illustration below:

    Which test situations can be differentiated when the coverage type paths test depth level 2 is used?

    A.    1-2; 2-3; 3-4; 2-4; 2-5; 2-6; 3-5; 3-6; 4-5; 4-6; 5-6
    B.    1-2; 1-3; 1-4; 2-5; 3-5; 4-5; 2-6; 3-6; 4-6
    C.    1-2-5; 1-2-6; 1-3-6; 1-3-5; 1-4-6; 1-4-5

    Answer: B

    The specification of test cases according to a test design technique follows five general steps. Which step is stablishing the starting point?Which step is ?stablishing the starting point?

    A.    step 2
    B.    step 3
    C.    step 4
    D.    step 5

    Answer: C

    Which system development method is agile and contains structured guidelines for development testing?

    A.    DSDM
    B.    SDM
    C.    XP

    Answer: C

    See the illustration below:

    What is the minimum number of logical test cases generated by the use of the Process Cycle Test if the coverage type paths test depth level 2 is used?

    A.    3
    B.    5
    C.    6
    D.    9

    Answer: C

    The test infrastructure consists of facilities and resources required to conduct testing effectively. Which facility does not belong to the testing infrastructure?

    A.    test environments
    B.    test design techniques
    C.    test tools
    D.    workplaces

    Answer: B

    See the specification below:
    IF A AND (B OR C)
    THEN error message
    How many logical test cases are distinguished if Semantic Testing with coverage type decision points condition/decision coverage is used?

    A.    2
    B.    3
    C.    4
    D.    8

    Answer: A

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