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  • Passed Avaya 6202 Exam with Pass4sure and Lead2pass PDF & VCE

    Vendor: Avaya
    Exam Code: 6202
    Exam Name: Avaya Aura Contact Center Implementation Exam

    You are installing Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA) on a standalone server. Which statement regarding passwords associated with CCMA running on a Windows Server 2008 operating system is true?

    A.    The ice Admin user account can be deleted during the CCMA installation
    B.    The ice Admin user account password must be established during installation of CCMA
    C.    If the ice Admin password is changed, CCMA cannot be logged on to either as web admin of any other user
    D.    If the default web admin password is changed, CCMA cannot be logged on to either as ice Admin or as any other user

    Answer: B


  • Updated Avaya 3304 PDF & VCE Free Download Now

    Vendor: Avaya
    Exam Code: 3304
    Exam Name: Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Implementation and Maintenance Exam

    Which three monitor commands are available with Basic Call Management System (BCMS)? (Choose three)

    A.    Monitor bcms agent
    B.    Monitor bcms skill
    C.    Monitor bcms split
    D.    Monitor bcms system
    E.    Monitor bcms vector

    Answer: BCD

    What provides built-in real and historical reporting capabilities for the call center, including reports for Splits/Skill, Agents, Vector Directory Numbers (VDNs) and trunk groups?

    A.    VvStats
    B.    Service level maximize (SLM)
    C.    Basic Call management System (BCMS)
    D.    Automated Number Identification (ANI)

    Answer: C

    A customer wants the ability to track the call types for Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) calls answered by agents. These call types will be defined by the customer.
    Which call feature can the customer use to track their defined call types?

    A.    Least Occupied Agent (LOA)
    B.    Call Work Codes (CWC)
    C.    Feature Access Codes (FAC)
    D.    Redistribution on No Answer (RONA)

    Answer: B

    You are implementing a new contact center and gathering all information for the new agents. The Communication manager (CM) Agent Login ID form is populated from information gathered on the Agent Skills Worksheet.
    Which three items are included on this worksheet? (Choose three)

    A.    Call handling preference
    B.    Login ID
    C.    Skill preferences
    D.    Skill level
    E.    Class of service (COS)

    Answer: ABD

    Which vector object can replace the Time of Day (TOD) global Vector Variable?

    A.    Business Schedule Table
    B.    Vector Routing Table
    C.    Service Hours Table
    D.    Policy Routing Table

    Answer: C

    The first administered extensions in the hunt-group screen is usually serving a call, and is often referred to as `hot seat’.
    What is the name of this call distribution method?

    A.    circ
    B.    ead-mia
    C.    ucd-loa
    D.    ddc

    Answer: D

    A supervisor like a summary report from Basic Communication Management System (BCMS) and is not sure what data items are available for this report.
    Which three objects are available for a summary report? (Choose three)

    A.    hunt
    B.    trunk
    C.    skill
    D.    vdn
    E.    station

    Answer: BCD

    A customer wants to start "Service Observing" while off site.
    Which two parameters must be configured to allow this? (Choose two.)

    A.    Service Observing Listen Only Access Code
    B.    COR – Restriction Override set to all
    C.    Service Observing (Remote/By FAC)
    D.    Telecommuter

    Answer: AC

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  • Free Download Pass4sure and Lead2pass 3100 Exam Question with PDF & VCE

    Vendor: Avaya
    Exam Code: 3100
    Exam Name: Avaya Aura Communication Manager Administration Exam

    Your customer has a communication Manager 6.0 branch location with SIP endpoints that need to survive a WAN failure when communication to the core or main Session Manager is unavailable.
    Which solution will provide survivability to the remote location?

    A.    an S8300 configured as an local survivable processor (LSP)
    B.    a simplex server configured as an enterprise survivable server (ESS)
    C.    an S8300 or simplex server configured as a Survivable Remote
    D.    an S8300 01 simplex server configured for high availability (HA)

    Answer: A


  • OFFER Pass4sure and Lead2pass 9L0-837 PDF & VCE

    Vendor: Apple
    Exam Code: 9L0-837
    Exam Name: Logic Pro 9 Level One End User Exam

    In the image above, clicking at the current pointer position will produce what result?


    A.    The playhead will move to just before bar 6.
    B.    Cycle mode will be turned off.
    C.    Logic will begin recording just before bar 6.
    D.    A marker will be inserted.

    Answer: B


  • Free Download Apple 9L0-409 Exam Question with PDF & VCE

    Vendor: Apple
    Exam Code: 9L0-409
    Exam Name: Mac Integration Basics 10.9 Exam

    Which statement about iChat is true?

    A.    iChat can be configured to use a Google Talk account.
    B.    In order for a Mac user to use iChat to exchange instant messages with a Windows user, the Windows user must install iChat.
    C.    iChat can be configured to use a Microsoft Live Messenger account.
    D.    iChat requires users to have an Apple ID account.

    Answer: A


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